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Upcoming Trainings


Shamanic Reiki, Levels I & II (Online, May 19-21, 2023)
Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner (Homestead, FL June 2-4, 2023)
Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner (Albuquerque, NM August 11-13, 2023)

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We don't quite have dates set up for these yet but we will by end of May 2024.
We will do our best to make these available, both, in person and via Zoom.
We are currently approved to provide CEUs in NM and are working on approval from other states.

(Magnolia is licensed in: FL, NM, OK, TX)

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Upcoming Courses for Clinicians:

Modern Day Considerations in Mental Health
(12 hours)
As mental health providers are expected to consider medical conditions when giving mental health diagnoses, this is an informational presentation focusing on a functional medicine overview and approach as it relates to mental health.

On Astrology and Personality Assessment
(includes ethics and cultural CEUs)
An overview of astrology and ways in which this can be a bonafide tool for personality assessment, as well as case conceptualization, as we support clients in finding their alignment.

On Working with the Chakras [in Trauma-Informed Care]: Extended
(10 hours; includes some cultural CEUs)
This is a more in-depth training, expanding upon the original 1.5 hour training presented with NASW-FL and NASW-TX.
This training is an experiential training, covering  chakra theory as it relates to trauma-informed care, an in-depth conceptualization of complex PTSD, and roughly one hour each of experiential learning with each of the seven main chakras, teaching clinicians interventions they may use with clients.

Shamanic Reiki I Certification for Clinicians
(includes ethics and cultural CEUs)
An experiential, weekend-long training for mental health practitioners, covering shamanic reiki I techniques, clinical assessment, clinical considerations, and ethics. 
Attunement included.


Spiritual Warfare and Spiritual Trauma Overview for Clinicians
(6 cultural CEUs)
This presentation is facilitated by shaman Magnolia Heaton, LCSW.
This presentation gives a historical overview on psycho-spiritual history of spiritual warfare, according to several belief systems. There will be experiential learning components where clinicians are offered the opportunity to practice setting energetic spiritual boundaries through learned spiritual protection techniques. In this parallel learning process, clinicians can incorporate these into their own lives in addition to teaching their clients these techniques. This training will also cover several understandings through which clients have experienced spiritual trauma and ways in which clinicians can help effectively treat it.

Your Body as a Tool: Working with Countertransference (An Experiential Training)
All things begin with the Self. This training aims to support clinicians and/or social workers in deepening their awareness and understandings of Self and to incorporate this awareness into clinical assessment and intervention with clients.


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