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Comprehensive Community Support Services are services provided in the client's home, online, or in the community, meant to support clients in their recovery processes, by supporting them in five domain areas.

CCSS is not psychotherapy but is meant to complement psychotherapy, by supporting clients by: coaching, teaching, practicing coping skills, practicing social skills, practicing organizational skills, setting mini goals to help enhance functioning and actively working on the goals together, during CCSS sessions. Sessions typically last 1.5 hours but clients may be seen a maximum of 4 hours per week by CCSS provider.

Below are the five domain areas, with some examples. 
If you are interested in this service (whether or not you are a current client) or have questions, please reach out to us!

This service is available to our clients/families, ages 5+

This service is covered by: BCBS, Presbyterian, Western Sky.

Five Domain Areas

Functioning in Self-Care

Challenges with hygiene or managing life tasks, executive functioning, and other activities of daily living.

Functioning in Community

Challenges in maintaining one's own safety, decision-making.

Functioning in Social Relationships

Challenges in keeping/making friends; challenges in setting boundaries with others; challenges in finding and maintaining healthy relationships (romantic, family, friends, coworkers).

Functioning in the Family

Challenging dynamics within family systems (e.g. persistent challenges in relating with one another); replaying of trauma in families; challenges in parent-child relationships (or, needing additional parenting support).


Functioning in School/Work

Challenges in completing school and/or work tasks; overwhelm with task completion; challenging relationships with supervisors or coworkers; having an IEP; 


All of our therapy team is able to provide CCSS but we are also fortunate enough to have dedicated Community Support Workers (CSW's).

First Aid


More info coming soon!

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