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EMDR Intensives with Magnolia


Magnolia offers EMDR Intensives online in: FL, NM, OK, OR, FL; in person in: OK, NM, TX.

Time increments of:
1/2 day (4 hours)
Full Day (8 hours)
2-Day (16 hours; 8 hours each day)


What are EMDR Intensives?

EMDR Intensives are condensed, time limited EMDR sessions, lasting four or more hours in length. Research shows they are just as effective as regular, ongoing EMDR therapy sessions. Some people choose to try EMDR Intensives when they feel "stuck" in normal therapy or just need extra support processing certain traumas/life events/ etc.

Because these sessions are condensed and insurance will not cover that format, they are only offered on private pay, at a $200 per hour rate.


About Magnolia

Founding Philosophies & Spiritual Underpinnings

Trauma-informed care centers everything we do at our agency. Love Is Healing was founded because spirituality has always driven the major decisions Magnolia has made in her life and she has found spirituality really adds to holistic healing. We know trauma isn't easy to live with, and, yet, all of us have it to some degree. In blending the spiritual and the intellectual, we are adept at "holding space" for clients to heal. Where there is shame, we meet with love.

Love Is Healing is meant to be used as a healing affirmation that embodies the spiritual Truth that "love is healing," for it is in love that forgiveness happens and we are able to truly heal; it is in coming to terms with all of life's happenings and accepting ourselves and others, despite life's adversities, that we are able to truly heal and integrate parts of self.

All clinicians are trained in shamanic reiki because we find that shamanic reiki healing embodies all the best practices that are recommended for trauma treatment, especially when coupled with a trauma-focused clinical lens: attachment-focused work, emotion-focused work, CBT, solution-focused work, psychoanalysis, multi-sensory interventions; it allows for the facilitation and integration of different parts of Self, as well as profound and lasting healing of Self and of challenging relational patterns we may experience.

Most spiritual traditions honor the wellness that is found in the balance between the body, mind, and spirit. For, when they are all in resonance, we experience peace in our lives. As practitioners and clinicians, we support client wholeness, in this way.

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"Let everything you do be done in love"
-1 Corinthians 16:14

Holistic Trauma Recovery

Magnolia's Specialties and Knowedge Bases Are As Follows:

Attachment-Focused Therapy
Birth Trauma
Borderline Personality Disorder
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Complex Trauma
Complex PTSD
Emotion-Focused Therapy

Functional Medicine Approach
Gut Health
Holistic Health
Identity Development

Integrative Health
Intergenerational Trauma
Law of Attraction
Mexican Culture

Military Culture
Multisensory Therapy & interventions
Narcissistic Abuse Recovery
Narcissistic Family Systems
Person-Centered Therapy
Polyvagal Theory
Root Cause Approach

Solution-Focused Therapy
Somatic Therapy
Spiritual Curses
Trauma-Informed Yoga




Magnolia is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the states of Florida, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Texas, and is a certified Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher trained in Shamanic Healing practices. She received her degrees from the University of California Riverside and New Mexico State University. She is a proud, humble, grateful military wife. She has full-heartedly dedicated her life to her spiritual path and all it has to offer.
She has an obvious passion for teaching others and empowering them to heal themselves to improve their quality of life by facilitating their connection with their spirituality.

Magnolia is radiant, calm, warm, gentle, confident, and competent. She has experience working with the whole age spectrum, from infants to toddlers, children, adults, older adults. She has worked with active duty military, veterans, LGBTQIA+, different races and cultures, substance abuse, and peoples of different socioeconomic backgrounds. 

She works best with older teens and with adults seeking to commit to their growth and healing. She is rehearsed with helping people navigate biculturalism and military lifestyles. She enjoys helping others heal their "inner child" and integrate trauma through an eclectic, client-centered approach.


Her passion is helping others heal and integrate their trauma histories, to live their best, most healed and integrated lives. Magnolia has found her background and experiences in studying spirituality and psychotherapy have proven to be a wonderful recipe for helping others find efficient inner and outer healing. She is a philosopher, educator, and a healer, with the mission to teach each client about the natural healing powers they hold within. She has studied trauma, religions, spirituality, and cultures her whole life, with her strongest bases in Christianity, New Age beliefs, and paganism.

Clinically, Magnolia has specialized training in the following (among many other things):
Street Yoga, Nurturing Parenting, working with youth who have caused sexual harm. Her teachers, mentors, and peers have included: Dr. Carolyn Murray, Donna Lucero, Joann Schadale, Dr. Stephen Bavolek, Dr. Gail Leedy, 
Dr. Carla Groves, Brittany Howell-Abbate, and  Jenna Miller.

Spiritually, in line with her Mexican culture, Magnolia was raised Christian/Catholic and was exposed to shamanism, pantheism, [Mexican] indigenous medicine, functional medicine, frequency medicine, integrative health, herbology, spirituality, psychology since childhood. Her formal shamanic training began in 2017. Magnolia completed a three-year shamanic reiki apprenticeship program. Her teachers, mentors, and peers have included: Francisco Gonzalez, Jonathan Hammond, Heather Mackay, Stacey Gibbons, Rob Levy, Emily Wallace, and Llyn Roberts.

While Magnolia feels equipped to work with most clients, her ideal client is highly motivated and committed. Magnolia works well with conservative clients, spiritual clients, religious clients, conspiracy theorists, entrepreneurs.

Magnolia accepts new clients for: EMDR Intensives and shamanic reiki.
Magnolia is also trained in EMDR, integrative health, and DBT.

AREAS OF SPECIALTY: EMDR, birth trauma, complicated grief, spirituality, conspiracy theories, conservative clients, Christian, Catholic, Pagan, shamanism, entrepreneurship, post-traumatic growth

Services Provided:
Chakra Balancing
Clinical Supervision
EMDR Intensives

Shamanic Healing
Shamanic Journeys
Reiki/Shamanic Reiki

$200 per hour



Florida (Telehealth: private pay only)
Nevada (Telehealth: private pay only)
New Mexico (Telehealth: private pay only)

Oklahoma (In-person; private pay only)
Oregon (Telehealth, private pay only)
Texas (In-person, Telehealth; private pay only)

Worldwide (Telehealth: shamanic healings only, private pay only)


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