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If I Must Be Honest

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

By Magnolia Heaton, LCSW If I must be honest,

I think life is meant to be fun;

Life is meant to be enjoyed.


I think I've always thought and felt this. Though, growing up in a dark world, filled with projections of unhealed trauma wounds and deep despair; in a world full of unknowingness and perpetual hopelessness, I was surrounded by many who thought it wasn't possible. Growing up, I was very much an odd ball (yet, also elusively and inexplicably popular). The thing is, as genuine as I was, other genuine souls would (thankfully!) flock to me. It was these souls that were my saving grace for it was in them that I found solace; glimmers of hope in a world of darkness. It was in these glimmery sparks that we sparked one another and lit each other up; fueled each others' fires to continue shining the most authentic fires of our souls in the dark world. Perhaps it was a very real manifestation of giving each other life-sustaining oxygen, the way flames feed off oxygen...

And I suppose I'm writing all this to say...

Today I woke up grateful, realizing the integration of my resulting soul retrieval of my most recent trip to my homeland of California, where I had a myriad of reparative experiences with significant others (family, friends, new friends) in my life; where I learned about places within myself where I was keeping me in the dark; where I was limiting myself from experiencing my own Love; where I had once allowed my inner flame to be blown out by none other than myself. Love surrounded me, only it wasn't in a form I could understand. Today I woke up grateful for all the darkness that surrounded me because, even though it was challenging and life-draining at the time, I now see it for the gift it was...

The darkness that surrounded me

allowed me to see

-my inner Light


When we shine and vibrate authentically, we call to ourselves those that resonate with our most authentic frequencies; those most authentically vibrating with our souls. As Abraham Hicks say, we "rendezvous" with others when we are at our most Aligned. So... What moves you? What sparks joy in your life? In what ways do you have fun? For me it's dance, travel, researching, teaching, connecting on a soul level with others.

Whatever it is that brings you joy, so long as it doesn't harm others, pursue it! The more we do what we love, the happier we are, the higher we vibrate, the more authentic we are, and the more we attract people and experiences that resonate with the cores of our being. And, who wouldn't want that?! Much love, Magnolia Beatriz

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